lessons learn

A lesson i learned was to cut off people who you aren’t benefiting from. Because those who claim their your friends aren’t always going to be their for you. i also learned that if you don’t try you won’t succeed but if you do try you will succeed or feel accomplished. also i learned how to budget and what adults go through on a daily base with bills and things they need for there kids and if they want a car or if they want o go on a vacation.

Another lesson I learned was how to turn a penny into gold which was covered in zinc. then i was able to crush a can by heating it up the putting it in ice cold water and watch it be crushed. I also got to bend glass with fire but every time i tried to see if the glass was cool i kept burning my self.

I also got to experience how a courtroom feels. but being a lawyer is so much work you have talk with all the witnesses then you have to make sure you have all the information ready then male sure everyone know what they have to say


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