lessons learn

A lesson i learned was to cut off people who you aren’t benefiting from. Because those who claim their your friends aren’t always going to be their for you. i also learned that if you don’t try you won’t succeed but if you do try you will succeed or feel accomplished. also i learned how to budget and what adults go through on a daily base with bills and things they need for there kids and if they want a car or if they want o go on a vacation.

Another lesson I learned was how to turn a penny into gold which was covered in zinc. then i was able to crush a can by heating it up the putting it in ice cold water and watch it be crushed. I also got to bend glass with fire but every time i tried to see if the glass was cool i kept burning my self.

I also got to experience how a courtroom feels. but being a lawyer is so much work you have talk with all the witnesses then you have to make sure you have all the information ready then male sure everyone know what they have to say


Law Changes

A law that needs to be changed is any thing that has to do with LBGT community. For instance their is some places that don’t allow them to get married to the person they love because their the same gender or because they changed their gender it shouldn’t matter if they are if they loved each other then they should get married . Then there’s the one with the bathrooms if a person views their self as a women and their a man they should go by how the view themselves and if they want to use the female bathroom let them because it shouldn’t matter. Everyone is always say “DON’T JUDGE A BOOK MY ITS COVER or IF YOU DON’T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY THEN DON’T OPEN YOUR MOUTH,” but none of them don’t follow these statements. Then some people don’t even speak up to people who talk bad about them they just watch everything unfold or they video tape it then post it on social media and laugh an make fun of that person and read down their self-esteem to make them feel bad.


Ideal Job

I have two dream jobs that i want to do the first one i want to do is to be come and forensic scientist because I like things that have to do with crime scenes. And because it involves one of my favorite subject in school which is science. Also because it sounds like a cool and fun job to do but it has a lot of work that i might end up being able to handle. Being a forensic scientist they get paid a lot and sometime they always help crack a case that most of the evidence doesn’t led up to the one who committed the crime . It would be cool if i owned my own lab that i could work i then when schools have like career days i could go up their and tell kids about what I actually do and why they should get this job.



For one of my goals is to travel around the to try new things. like go to Italy and see what their culture feels like. i also want to try and learn the language so i could speak fluent Italian and i could rub it in my face because no one in my family could speak the language. and cause i want to see the different foods and the different art works that they have. i also want to try and open a law firm down their and run a couple of businesses down their and be well know down their.

My second goal is to own a couple of businesses around the world. so i can make a name for my self


Growing up with family that likes sports it kinda expect for you to do it too but i didn’t want to do anything that had to do with sports. anything that had something to do with the brain i did like science and history. i always pushed my self over the limits to try and learn something new. still to this day people tell me i should play sports because I’m tall or that i have an athletic shaped body but they always get the same answer when they ask i be like ” NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO”. my still mad cause he want me to play sports


Mumzy is what I call my hero because she makes me who I am today. Even though she doesn’t make as much as she did before she still tries to make sure we have everything we need. Every time she gets paid she would put money aside so we could do something on the weekends. When my parents were going through some things my dad wasn’t there for me and my sister so my mom had to get two jobs to support us. Even though she was sick or wasn’t in the mood to do anything she still made time for us. We were suppose to move last year but it was my sisters last year and it was my first year of high school so she said we could stay until she graduated